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« on: August 01, 2011, 01:21:10 AM »
Hi im waylander1577 aka Angel old timer whos enjoyed gaming as far back as spectrum, what we would now call arcade gaming lol.

Also co-founder and captain of clan 1577, but to be honest was talked into it by velocity as we had a few good clan members the focus was to make a clan for people who wanted fun mainly for adults then had a junior club.

Lets be honest we all met people who where just rash, rude and all the rest, this clan was set up to develop each others skils, support those that didnt and have an enviroment where we all had fun. It also became clear juniors needed this support too and could be the future adult clan members and not turn into those idiots we all meet or know with a little giudance.

As gears 3 is fast approaching will be looking to bolsten our clan further as a lot of us are parents and have work commitments would be nice to have a clan big enough for someone to be on when you want and have a more competitive side or part to our clan. This also means we will be looking for team captains if intarested contact myself or velocity or if you would ike an extended family on xbox live for fun and laughs.

Will be speaking to velocity about events nights to be organised my favorit "beers and laughs" night being one of them.
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