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Crysis 2 - Review
« on: July 13, 2011, 01:20:17 PM »

This game is one of the best games I've seen for a while. The overall product is amazing. You will play this for hours on end, watching in awe of its beauty. Let's begin, shall we?


The story takes place somewhat after the first Crysis. The Ceph, an ancient alien race, has started to destroy NYC, and began spreading the Manhattan Virus, a disease made by the Ceph that slowly and painfully kills anyone infected. Prophet, a character seen previously in Crysis, gets infected with the virus. You play the game as Alcatraz, a marine. The game begins when you and your team find themselves in a submarine when the Ceph start attacking it and starts to sink. You and your team were barely able to make it to the surface, where you are ambushed. You black out, and awake to find yourself in a room, alive, and inside the Nanosuit 2.0. You see a dead man on the floor, and you try to figure out what happens when you get a flashback. You discover Prophet saves you from certain death by giving you the Nanosuit, and killing himself because he was infected and was nearly about to lose sanity. From there you figure out that the Nanosuit is the key to saving NYC, and to a cure. Somehow...


The Nanosuit gives you certain abilities to use when playing.
Stealth, which cloaks you in order to sneak around enemies.
Max. Armor, providing extra protection from falling and attacks.
Fast sprinting, self explanatory.
High Jump.....yeah.
Visor, allowing you to see tactical options.
Nanovision, which is their own version of heat vision.

This game combines critical aspects that make games great. Smooth aiming ( CoD Series ), Control ( Halo, for ex. ), and a realistic recoil system ( Battlefield Series ) This makes the game enjoyable and unique in it's own way.

Another neat thing about this game is that you collect catalysts from dead aliens. In other words, whenever you kill a Ceph alien, you can collect a form of currency you can use to upgrade the Nanosuit. Anytime, anywhere. You can select 4 perks at once, each in a different category. You can see the bullet paths of the enemy, see their footsteps, lower the energy costs of using certain abilities, and more. You can also customize your weapon, like holo-sights, silencers, and under-barrel additions. Again, anytime, anywhere. This helps to adapt to certain situations.

This is no CoD shoot 'em up. In games like CoD, the gameplay is really just, "Okay. Here are some bad guys. Shoot them. Now do it again." Crysis 2 allows you to do any option you see fit. If you wanna sneak by everyone, go ahead. If you wanna go Leeroy Jenkins on some dudes, go ahead. If you wanna snipe them from a distance, go ahead. The neat thing about this game is that you have a variety of options to choose, apart from CoD which is restricted to shooting every living thing you see. This really gives the gamer a chance to play the game how they want to.


In multiplayer, you can customize your dog tag, which other players see in between each match. You unlock images and designs for the dog tag by getting awards for doing certain things. Like an image of the moon surrounded in dusk for playing after 2 AM. Awesome.

You get 6 game modes on 12 maps straight from the campaign. Your typical stuff, like TDM, and HQ. They aren't labeled as such though. One thing that's odd is that the kill cam looks kind of screwed up a bit, but it's not the actual gameplay and it doesn't matter.

You also get more options for your Nanosuit, and can create customized classes.


Amazing. Simply amazing. With CryEngine 3, NYC is practically brought to life. It feels like you are in the Big Apple. Big weapons like the JAW ( Rocket Launcher ) feel big and bulky, as they should. The way light reacts with the environment is realistic. I haven't seen graphics like this since MGS4, and those were good graphics. You can even play the game in 3-D. Now how more awesome can you get?!

My only complaint about this the text. Sometimes, when choosing a perk to buy, I feel like I'm guessing simply because I CAN'T READ IT. This is a big problem with a couple games, like BF:Bad Company 2, and James Bond:Quantum of Solace. Is it really THAT hard to bump up the text size just a bit?


Hey, hear that? I think something's behind-OH MY GAWD!
Yeah, it's that good. The guns sound like they should be, the sounds of the environment is perfect, and all the sounds can't get any better.

The music for this game was made by Hans Zimmer, a famous music producer who worked on well-known games and movies like CoD:MW2 and Inception. The music adds the drama that goes with the situation. See that big thing come out of the wall? When that happened to me it felt like the game was saying, "Hehe, you're screwed, buddy!"

Another thing about the music I like is when your about to enter a multiplayer match, a certain piece of music begins to play, with the bass blasting. This gives me the feeling, "Here we go!" It adds drama to the multiplayer, which not a lot of games have nowadays.


This game, overall, is a masterpiece. An amazing display of how far video games have progressed since the early 1980's. This game will be discussed for a long, long time. There's a bit of a flaw, but really, every aspect of this game is executed perfectly, which is why this game gets a
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Re: Crysis 2 - Review
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2011, 02:35:03 PM »
nice review it makes me actually think of playing it now.