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Minecraft 101 BETA
« on: July 19, 2012, 05:04:24 PM »
This is what you've all been waiting for.

General Xbox Gaming is proud to present Minecraft 101 BETA so lets cut to tge good stuff...

Basic Web Browser:
Navigation tools Forward, Back, Refresh & Home dropdown menu.

Popular Links: (quick linked to all pages & popular downloads), Minecraft Wiki (pages), Minecraft Forums, Bukkit Forums (inc. download sever JAR), MC Patcher (Download).

Text File Viewer:
You can open a .txt file, edit it and save as new .txt file or find the previous version and save over that.

IP Fetcher:
This will fetch both your Local or External IP Address and you can copy to clipboard with one click.

Server List:
This is where you can create a Windows Batch File (.bat) for starting a server from a list of up to 5 different servers or starting them all at once (Note: server start button are not active for starting a Windows Batch File in version 1.0.4 & more info on this can be found within Minecraft 101 BETA).

New to v1.0.5: Appdata Folder Select
You can browse folders in the appdata folder and select and open that folder. This cuts out the need for the Start > Search > %appdate% mothod most people use when installing new Mods, Texture Packs & Snapshot .JAR's.

New to v1.0.6: New load screen & .exe release
Minecraft 101 BETA is now available in .exe so there is no need for installation. A new loading screen has been added with program version details and logos. The web browser has received some miner tweaks and no longer display error messages on website pages that have compatibility issues. The URL navigation bar has been activated along with the Go button.

Update: Minecraft 101 BETA v1.0.7
Fixed transparency issues with white in loading screen.
Added Loading Process bar.
Updated all the commands in the Text File Viewer. You can now Cut, Copy, Paste & Select All.
Buttons will show up as and when they are able to work.
Added a button to Open a .bat file in Server List text box.
Web Browser is fully fuctional and displays the url the browser is on automaticlly.

Minecraft 101 BETA v1.0.9
Behind the sences coding update.
Schamatic2Blueprint menu update means you can now launch the .jar from the menus.
Note: Just replace the windows.bat file code with the new script in option then make sure the .bar & .jar are in a folder named 'Schematics2Blueprint' on your desktop and it should work fine.

Minecraft 101 BETA v1.1.0 Info
Server List Update: You can now launch 5 separate servers located in separate folders on the desktop, labelled as follows: MCServer1, MCServer2, etc.
I noticed that when either of the Server List or Text Viewer ended up behind the main window it was annoying to view it again so I have added a bring to front option in the View list that will bring the window to the front again if the window is already open.

New to v1.1.1
Updated download link for MCPatcher with comparability for Minecraft 1.3.1 release.
Server List has had a makeover and you can now start 5 servers simultaneously (thanks go to Risk for helping).

Minecraft 101 BETA v1.1.1 .exe:
Author: General Xbox Gaming
Size: 1.35MB
NEW Release: Minecraft 101 BETA.exe Download Now
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