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[Review] Need for Speed: The Run
« on: January 08, 2012, 04:49:42 PM »

Release Date: November 18th, 2011
Genres: ACTION

Multiple steel horses gallop pass me, roaring power echoing in the once silent tunnel. Oncoming headlights are dodged swiftly and with ease, filling up the little blue nitrous bar. Ignition. Blue flames exert from behind my powerful Porsche 911 S, propelling me past multiple civilian vehicles. Allowing me to catch up to the main pack of racers. Drafting one racer, then another, coming toe to toe near the finale of the race. All of a sudden, the rival car swerves out to dodge traffic then veers back in to clash and create sparks with my powerhouse. I slip of the road, trying to keep grip and get back on to the road. Smash! I hit a barrier dead-on with my bonnet. ''Wrecked'' appears in the top corner of the screen. The other racers drive past my wreckage, crossing that finishing line marked with two flares. Game over.

Need for Speed: The Run is full of high octane moments like this and more. Overall the game has been greatly designed by Blackbox studios but there are some minor issues with the game. One such issue would be that it fluctuates in difficulty, sometimes having spikes of hard parts, others easy then the rest in the middle. It does add a good challenge to the game but after constant resets and retries this difficulty fluctuation can get very annoying.

Another problem that fits in with the previous one is the gas stations. The gas stations are used for players to change their car so they can adapt to the current track. The only problem this poses is that sometimes the gas stations are in the middle or near the end of the tracks; and if a player has only a few people to overtake but decides to change car they lose all that progress, it is very hard to get past 8 racers with only 1.9 miles left before the end. However, the gas stations do prove as a more realistic manner to the game.

My last problem with the game is that the main characters, Jack and Sam, are not that convincing to listen to or see. I don't know exactly what it is about Sam but she doesn't seem real enough to act as a dominant character within the story line. Most of the time Jack is speaking to her through a tablet and she gives him information about your next sprint race. Or she orders you to ''make up time'' (time trial mode). For Jack it is more the fact the player is launched straight into the action and after that no history about Jack is told or can be deduced apart from the loading screen bios. Maybe a prequel before The Run would help clear up this character issue and we would get to see more of the other characters that the player has to face during ''rival races.''

Apart from these issues I love the high octane racing and the diverse car choice. I love the quick time sequences that crop up at the main cities like Las Vegas and Chicago. Really well polished and add that extra level of craziness to an already crazy racing genre. The Run reminds me of Most Wanted which by far was the best game ever made in the franchise. Take away the bad character problems and the gas station problems and it would be like Most Wanted  for me.

My advice for the next Need for Speed game? Go back to the real-life cut-scenes and that sense of fighting for revenge not fighting to save your own ass and only get 10% of the prize cut. A game where you go for all or nothing. A free-roaming game with intense cop chases and the destructibility of buildings to allow immobilisation of the cop cars. However, Need for Speed: The Run excels in hight octane moments, a diverse list of exotic, sport and muscle cars and a great soundtrack suited to the location.

My score: (the bad points I picked up on lower this score but if the next Need for Speed game picks up on these faults I will be a happy man) :)
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