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Theme Hospital
« on: January 04, 2012, 05:50:53 AM »
Publisher: EA
Developer: Bullfrog
Genre: Simulation

ESRB rating: E
Homepage: n/a

Release date: Mar 26, 97 (released)

You can find it as abandon ware and use (DOSbox) to run it or you can purchase it from a retailer that will run on Vista.

Abandon ware Version (Download Link)

The famous fax cheats named after the screen with the fax machine where they have to be typed in:

7287 After the level you will be sent to a rat shooting
24328 Activate cheat mode where you have:
Code: [Select]
Code                  Effect
Shift-C               $2000 (hold for more $)
SHIFT+1               +1 patient
Ctrl-C                All research completed.
SHIFT+Q               Causes an earthquake
CTRL+E                Causes an emergency.
SHIFT+L               Change the patient's appearance
SHIFT+I               Disease of patient changed.
CTRL+S                Get an doctor with a special knowledge.
SHIFT+CTRL+C          Have all items
F11                   Lose the game
Ctrl-M                Skip to the end of the month
Crtl-Y                Skip to the end of the year
F12                   Win the current level
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