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Forum Rules
« on: June 15, 2011, 07:12:21 PM »
General Xbox Gaming Rules
- Code of Conduct -

These are the forum rules, They are color coded. The punishments for each rule is listed at the top of the colored section and will be enforced.

Level 4 Warnings's:
Black - Permanent Ban (Account + IP)
- Do not post websites that may harm other users computers
- Do not create another account to avoid your suspension
- No selling phished accounts
- Do not threaten to hack any member of this website or Xbox Live*
- Do not discuss that your able to mod games/saves or any other Xbox parts or Glitch any Games or Lobbys*
- Do not post links to any illegal content
- Do not phish in any form, this includes linking to websites that steal information etc...

Level 3 Warning's:
Red - Seven Day Suspension
- Do not post or link to any pornographic pictures
- Do not bully individuals
- Do not beg (e.g. Asking for invites to other sites)
- Do not leak information in the VIP + GOLD VIP only Forums in any way
- Do not scam, this includes trying to sell something that would usually be free
- Do not spam (found spaming more than twice and this becomes black)

Level 2 Warning's:
Purple - One Day Suspension
- Do not discuss any illegal content or activities
- No posting to shocked sites (websites such as meatspin)

Blue - Warning issued with possible set suspension depending on how severe the violation of the rule is
- Do not flame, harass or leave abusive comments on any forum post or profile wall

Level 1 Warning's:
Green - Warning Given
- Do not use any foul language or try to avoid/manipulate the language filter
- Do not create multiple threads for the same thing

Orange - Very minor possible warning given depending on how severe the violation of the rule is
- Do not abuse caps lock unless you are actually yelling at your screen topics
- Do not bump really old threads
- Do not use misleading subject titles.

There is a new warning system in place were you will receive a warning if you violate any of these rules and it's marked between 1 & 4 at level 3 the next warning you receive is for a permanent ban.

Standard Users:
Level 1 - You have just be cautioned
Level 2 - You will receive a 1 day ban
Level 3 - You account will be banned for 1 Week / 7 Days
Level 4 - You will be Permanantly Ban from General Xbox Gaming forums

Team Members:
Level 1 - You will be de-ranked if captin for 7 Days / Normal Members will be warned
Level 2 - Captains will loose their position for 14 days/ regular members will be banned from all team activities for 2 days.
Level 3 - Ban from participation in Team Events for 7 Days
Level 4 - Removed from all Team Rosters and Team in general then reset level for forum use

* - this is official against Microsoft T&C

These rules are subject to change at any time, they are also subject to admin's discretion and will apply across the entire forum.
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