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Author Topic: Xbox Live Avatars for your Profile  (Read 2104 times)

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Xbox Live Avatars for your Profile
« on: June 20, 2011, 06:49:13 PM »
Here is a simple demo of how to add you own Xbox Live Avatar to your profile.

Key Features
    Displays your Xbox Live Avatar
    • On your Post's
    • On a Messages
    • Next to you Profile Info
    • In the General Xbox Gaming Header
    • Auto Updates when you change your Avatar on your Xbox Live Profile/GamerTag
    • The forum automatically re-sizes it to appropriate size using JAVA Script

    Code: [Select]
    [/img] Velocity1577/avatar-body.png[/img

    All you need to do is:
    • Go Here where you see: Personalized Picture
    • Select: Specify avatar by URL
    • Enter this:
    Code: [Select]

    You will need to replace the text "Your-GamerTag-Here" with your own GamerTag as it appears on or you Xbox as your Account that you use.


    Have fun with this and it make the forum look nice when it automatically updated when you change you avatar on the Xbox 360 on your profile.
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